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You’re invited to join me in a new, interactive, online (social-distancing-approved!) series – Ahead of the Curve.

We’ll be streaming LIVE in our first of many broadcasts featuring all the new ideas, applications and technologies happening in our industry. The real stories going on that are creating change and moving us all to the next level.

You’ll also hear about upcoming live and recorded sessions from Ahead of the Curve on topics such as virtual production, extended reality (or XR for short), interactive technologies, devices, and all other things related to the real time technology world – and some amazing technologies not yet used in our industries, but that could be applied and developed in new ways.

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Learn from some of the leading creative technologists and bleeding edge people in the live / fixed and location based entertainment fields.


new technologies , concepts, and tools available for you to learn today


Develop new skills to innovate and create new digital environments for your customers.

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